Water Office

Over seven billion people rely on water every day, in all its forms.
It is our most vital global resource, which means that intelligent spatial asset management is of crucial importance to the water industry.
Water Office allows you to manage the complete water cycle infrastructure effectively,
deliver performance and innovation, and guarantee consistent service to all your customers.

Powered by GE Smallworld, it is more than just a GIS – it is the most robust, scalable commercial
off-the-shelf asset management solution available today. Water Office outperforms any competitor,
reducing your total cost of ownership by millions.

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Our specialized solutions for water asset management

Water supply

Everybody has the right to water.
Water Office facilitates the business processes
required to provide 24/7 service
cost effectively and responsibly.

Industrial water

Industries are faced with regulations
regarding water footprint and disposal.
Water Office enables visibility,
reliability and control.

Water resources

In order to provide 24/7 service,
Water Office helps utilities understand
water levels and water quality,
as well as their assets.

Drainage & sewer sanitary

Many people take drainage and sanitation for granted. Water Office does not.
It provides a toolset to help manage
gray and black water.


Agriculture plays a vital role in feeding the world.
Managing its water footprint is critical.
Doing so responsibly requires
intelligent asset management.


Stormwater impacts society through
increased strain on watersheds.
Water Office can help you manage risks
and meet your obligations.

Non-revenue water

Every water utility is faced with water loss.
Water Office can manage NRW
via leak algorithms and integration
with real-time monitoring.

Water Office – Did you know?

Non-revenue water is a massive global issue. If we could reduce the current losses in developing nations by half, the amount of water saved would serve over 90 million people. That's 1.25 % of the world’s population!

Water Office Worldwide

Whether you want a demonstration or need technical support, Water Office is always close by and happy to help.