About us

Our vision

Water is the first and foremost of all basic human needs. As our world continues to change, so too do the challenges we face when it comes to managing and protecting this precious resource. And these challenges must be met wherever they arise – whether you need to guarantee water quality and reliability of service to consumers, sustain your water-dependent business processes or manage the impact your activities have on the environment.

That’s where we come in. We want to help each and every business in the water industry be fully engaged in delivering performance and innovation, while driving their core processes to the highest level of quality. That’s our vision, pure and simple. And to do that, we provide the best spatial asset management solutions available.

GE Smallworld™

Water Office is based on the GE Smallworld™ platform, and for good reason. As a tried and tested technology, it has proven its worth in the most demanding industries. The GE Smallworld™ platform is versatile, stable and relentlessly adaptable.

This powerful foundation has allowed us to create the world’s only commercial off-the-shelf solution capable of supporting the needs of businesses throughout the entire water industry.

Water Office Worldwide

Whether you want a demonstration or need technical support, Water Office is always close by and happy to help.