Irrigation management

If agriculture is vital to the global food supply,
what does that say about the water it uses?

Some crops may be more water-intensive than others, but without water, nothing grows. Agriculture has a substantial water footprint, which means irrigation management must take center stage in the global industry. Water Office helps balance resources and productivity.

Improved management for your irrigation networks

Irrigation management and agriculture are intrinsically linked. To manage your resources effectively and keep your business processes running smoothly, you must have access to as much information as possible – from the saturation of your fields to the condition of your irrigation infrastructure. Only then can you make the right decisions.

By unifying diverse sources of information into a Single Source Of Truth, our Irrigation module facilitates efficient management and enhances your decision-making process immensely.

Water Office makes your life easier

Agriculture draws water from many different sources, and many more can have an impact on your activities. Whether these sources are natural or man-made, above ground or below, closed or open – Water Office will help you design and integrate the optimal transport network while also bringing the associated costs under your control.

In addition, your supporting infrastructure can also be integrated with our irrigation management software, providing an even greater level of efficiency.

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Identifying the best course of action

How do you determine the best time to start irrigation? And when should you switch to drainage? Thanks to real-time monitoring capabilities for conditions on and in the ground, Water Office can tell you exactly what to do – and when to do it. Would you like to see the benefits for yourself? We’re more than happy to arrange a demonstration.

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Water Office – Did you know?

Non-revenue water is a massive global issue. If we could reduce the current losses in developing nations by half, the amount of water saved would serve over 90 million people. That's 1.25 % of the world’s population!

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