Water resource management

How does surface water and groundwater affect
your assets, sourcing process and ability to deliver?

Water affects the networks designed to transport it in natural ways. Everything has a measurable impact, from the source of your water to the surrounding environment. Water Office reveals these factors, facilitating effective water resource management.

A comprehensive approach to water resource management

Water acquisition raises a number of issues for water utilities. Not only must water quality be kept at the highest possible level, but this must also be done consistently and flexibly, even as conditions change. Simultaneously, the ways in which water acts upon the networks that transport it fluctuate. Even subtle variations in ions and trace minerals can affect your assets.

The Water Resources module was designed specifically to help water suppliers deal with these details, ensuring you will always have the tools you need for water resource management.

Surface water hydrology

The management of surface water resources is supported by the Surface Hydrology toolset within the Water Resources module. From sourcing and financing to quality assurance and asset control, this specific configuration helps water associations, water boards and other water authorities gain the insights necessary to manage surface water effectively.

Groundwater hydrology

The Water Resources module is also capable of supporting groundwater management. The dedicated Groundwater Hydrology toolset allows water companies to create a complete, clear picture of their business processes and manage every aspect of the asset chain. By combining all available data and making it accessible, it greatly facilitates decision-making.

Water Office integrates the functions you need

Monitoring and managing water resources requires a versatile toolset. Water utilities need access to information regarding water levels, water quality, hydro-geological data, wells, environmental factors and the state of their entire asset chain. Water Office combines these functions in one system, ensuring highly detailed water resource management.

In addition, our spatial asset management solution helps you plan and design monitoring networks, manage activities in the field and maintain your assets.

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Making everything measurable

Establishing reliable access to detailed information is the first step towards optimal management. Water Office helps make sure you can always rely on correct data, from the maps you use to plan your activities to the project documents you create to track them. Interested in learning more? Let our team arrange a personal demonstration.

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Non-revenue water is a massive global issue. If we could reduce the current losses in developing nations by half, the amount of water saved would serve over 90 million people. That's 1.25 % of the world’s population!

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