Water supply management

How can you guarantee your clients always have
access to water when and where they need it?

Consumers and businesses alike depend on the water supply for their lives and livelihoods. As a result, you need to provide 24/7 service – all while keeping your assets healthy and your costs as low as possible. Luckily, we can improve your water supply management with the most robust data model in the industry today and functions to support every spatial business process in water. It is not bespoke mapping, it is a commercial off-the-shelf solution!

Facing the challenges of water supply management

Water distribution is a complex issue. After all, water is a force to be reckoned with – physically, socially and financially. Your clients depend on it, which means you need to be able to depend on your network. You need to optimally design and redesign networks while still maintaining the correct hydraulic coverage, facilitate self-cleaning functions and reduce your build costs by millions. You must maintain your assets, reduce non-revenue water and manage downtime, all while making sure that your business processes keep up with evolving needs.

Water Office understands the intricacies of water supply management, allowing us to provide a comprehensive solution to the myriad challenges you face.

Water Office provides the clearest picture

How much do you know about your water network? With Water Office, you’ll be able to keep track of everything, right down to the performance and operational status of individual assets. Network design, hydraulic analysis, asset risk analysis, outage management and SCADA are all supported fully by the Water Supply module, along with a host of other functions.

Water Office can help you determine the impact of changes to your network and warn you about problems before they arise, keeping you in control.

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Manage your network proactively

Do you want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your water supply management? Would you like to increase productivity and reliability, while lowering costs in the process? Water Office will help you achieve these goals – and more. Want to learn more about our system? We’d be more than happy to set up a personal demonstration.

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Water Office – Did you know?

Non-revenue water is a massive global issue. If we could reduce the current losses in developing nations by half, the amount of water saved would serve over 90 million people. That's 1.25 % of the world’s population!

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