Save money. Save time. Control your entire water network.

Water Office is the best commercial-off-the-shelf
water asset management solution on the market

Need a flexible approach to water asset management that will give you control over every aspect of your water network? Water Office does that right out of the box. Based on the versatile GE Smallworld™ platform, it’s the only solution on the market that can help you achieve ISO 55000 compliance.

Stop losses by significantly reducing non-revenue water

The costs of non-revenue water can be staggering – both to your business and your customers. Now, Water Office gives you all the tools necessary to combat it effectively. With integration to SCADA, sensors and hydraulic analyses, Water Office covers every aspect of your water network. You’ll always have a clear picture of the performance of your water network. This allows you to reduce non-revenue water by significant amounts.

Water Office – Did you know?

Non-revenue water is a massive global issue. If we could reduce the current losses in developing nations by half, the amount of water saved would serve over 90 million people. That's 1.25 % of the world’s population!

Water Office Worldwide

Whether you want a demonstration or need technical support, Water Office is always close by and happy to help.